Old Scout


Selling Whiskey in a Whisky World


The boom in Bourbon and American Whiskey sales isn’t just a North American phenomenon. Whisky lovers around the world are...

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Episode 620: December 18, 2016

What do oysters have to do with making whisky? You might not think there’s much in common, but Glenmorangie is...

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Dealmaking Continues in Craft Distilling As Pernod Ricard Acquires Smooth Ambler

December 8, 2016 – Smooth Ambler Spirits’ Old Scout was named the “Best Single Barrel Bourbon in the World” in...

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Episode 581: March 19, 2016

After two years of victories for Pacific Rim whiskies, a single malt Scotch is back on top of the World...

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Old Pulteney Takes Top Honors at World Whiskies Awards

March 18, 2016 – Inver House’s Pulteney Distillery never uses peated malt to make its single malt whiskies, but the distillery...

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Episode 346: December 4, 2011

The arrival of December brings with it the annual announcement of the Malt Maniacs Whisky Awards. 171 whiskies from around...

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