Responsible Drinking

WhiskyCast celebrates the “water of life” in many ways, but let’s emphasize the “life” part for a moment.

We believe in responsible consumption of whisky and other alcoholic beverages, and this site is intended for adults of legal drinking age. If you’re underage and want to learn more about whisky, we appreciate your interest, but please come back and look around when you’re legal. While we don’t ask you to verify your age when you visit the site, WhiskyCast complies with government and spirits industry guidelines on targeting alcohol-related content and advertising to adults only.

When consumed properly, whisky can be an enjoyable part of life. However, we all know people who over-indulge or become addicted to alcohol, and when that happens, whisky can play a role in destroying your life.  Alcoholism and substance abuse can strike anyone, and it’s not just the addict who suffers, but that person’s family and friends as well. For more information and guidelines on responsible and healthy consumption of alcohol, we encourage you to visit Drink in If you believe you may be developing a dependency on alcohol or any addictive behavior, we encourage you to seek advice from your physician or a qualified professional.

The WhiskyCast community isn’t for the binge drinker, or the socially irresponsible type. As whisky connoisseurs, it falls to all of us to try and set an example for others. Be smart about your alcohol consumption, be responsible, and be respectful of others. If we want to encourage other adults to discover whisky’s unique flavors, aromas, and stories, we need to show others that it’s possible to enjoy whisky without howling at the moon or behaving badly. No one’s perfect, but if we start an evening with responsibility in mind, the chances are better that we’ll end the evening that same way.

Above all else, we ask one thing of you. Never, ever drink and drive. As a journalist for many years, Mark covered more fatal accidents than he can count, and alcohol played a role in many of them. We’ve seen the impact of drinking and driving first-hand, and if there’s one message we want to emphasize, that’s it. If you’ve been drinking, take a cab or Uber, call a friend, or walk. If you’re with a friend who wants to drive after drinking, do whatever it takes to stop them. There’s no excuse for driving drunk…period.

Mark Gillespie and Christina Philburn