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Belgrove Distillery founder Peter Bignell. Photo ©2020, Mark Gillespie/CaskStrength Media.

Unique Whisky…From An Even More Unique Distillery (Episode 837: September 20, 2020)

Every distillery is unique, but there’s one in Australia that could redefine your concept of “unique.” Belgrove Distillery is on Peter Bignell’s farm near Kempton, Tasmania, and he not only grows the grain that goes into his whiskies – but he built the distillery himself, too. There’s no other distillery quite like it, and we’ll visit Belgrove on this week’s WhiskyCast In-Depth. In the news, U.S. craft distillers may get caught in the political crossfire on Capitol Hill between budget talks, pandemic relief, the November election, and now…a Supreme Court confirmation fight. We’ll have an update on the effort to extend federal excise tax relief for distillers past the end of this year. The Glenturret has unveiled its new single malts following an 18-month re-branding exercise under new management, while a Kentucky distillery is changing its name after just four years – to the name of the original distillery that dates back to 1885. We’ll have more whisky news, tasting notes, and a rare bit of commentary, too.


Yeast bubbling in a fermenter. File photo ©2020, Mark Gillespie/CaskStrength Media.

Yeast’s Impact on Whisky (Episode 836: September 13, 2020)

Yeast is one of the three main ingredients in whisky, along with grain and water. While we understand what grain and water contribute to the taste of a whisky, yeast’s contributions are far more mysterious. In fact, people were distilling whisky from fermented mash hundreds of years before scientists even figured out that yeast exists, let alone how it works. After our deep dive into the science of oak trees last month, we had requests to do something similar with yeast – and Indiana University biochemistry professor Matt Bochman joins us this week to help. His laboratory research involves studying yeast cells to unlock keys that may help us fight cancer and other diseases, but his informal research focuses on home brewing. He’s also a consultant to brewers and distillers on fermentation issues, and shares his expertise with us on WhiskyCast In-Depth. In the news, Great Britain and the European Union are at odds over Brexit again. We’ll also look at two new programs aimed at improving diversity in the whisky industry, and on Behind the Label, we’ll have proof that not everything you may see about whisky on the Internet is true!

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John Laurie of The Glenturret, Jacob Call of Green River Distilling Co., and Matt McKay of London's Bimber Distillery were the guests on our latest #WhiskyWednesday webcast.

John Laurie of The Glenturret, Jacob Call of Green River Distilling Co., and Matt McKay of London’s Bimber Distillery were the guests on our latest #WhiskyWednesday webcast.

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The Spirited Award for Best Broadcast, Podcast, or Online Video Series. Image courtesy Tales of the Cocktail Foundation. We are humbled and proud to have won the 2020 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award for “Best Broadcast, Podcast, or Online Series.” The award was announced Monday during the kickoff of this year’s virtual Tales conference, and while the award was given for overall excellence, the episode we submitted for judging was our show this past February with Dewar’s Malts brand ambassador Una Green as she was preparing to return to work after beating breast cancer. We want to thank Una again for trusting us to share her story with you. We’d also like to congratulate our colleagues at Difford’s Guide, Happy Hour History, and The Speakeasy on being named finalists, and encourage you to give their podcasts a listen!

A WhiskyCast GlenCairn glass in the hand.

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Mark Gillespie’s Whisky Photo of the Week

This week, we’re showing some of the photos from last year’s visit to Belgrove Distillery in Australia to complement the feature with Belgrove founder Peter Bignell in this week’s episode of WhiskyCast.