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Here are just a few of the major events on the calendar:

March 22-25, 2023: New Orleans Bourbon Festival, New Orleans, Louisiana
April 21-22, 2023: The Nth, Las Vegas, Nevada
April 26-May 1, 2023: Spirit of Speyside Festival, Scotland
May 6, 2023: Spirit of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
May 12, 2023: WhiskyFest, Chicago, Illinois

While some of the events on our calendar are free to attend, others do require payment. Please visit the event’s web site to confirm admission fees and refund policies before making your travel plans, and please note that event dates may be subject to change after they’ve been added to this calendar.

If you’re organizing a whisky event, please help us keep the WhiskyCast community informed. Use the contact form to send us the details, along with a link where listeners can register or get more information.