Asia’s Whisky Capital (Episode 856: January 31, 2021)

Hong Kong has become a key center for the world’s whisky makers, and we had more evidence of that this...

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The Queen of Canadian Whisky (Episode 794: November 24, 2019)

This week, we’re in Fredericton, New Brunswick for the 24th annual New Brunswick Spirits Festival! We’ll talk with one of...

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Does The Nose Know For Sure? (Episode 643: May 28, 2017)

You may be able to tell different styles of whiskies apart by nosing them – when you know what you’re...

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The Jim Beveridge Interview


Jim Beveridge, Ph.D. has been blending the Johnnie Walker whiskies for most of his 36 years in the whisky business,...

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Episode 511: December 13, 2014

Amrut got whisky lovers used to the idea of single malt whiskies from India, and now, Paul John is challenging...

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