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WhiskyCast shares the story of whisky. Simple mission, complex quest.

WhiskyCast is now in its ninth year, and with more than 500 episodes of WhiskyCast, WhiskyCast HD, and WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings since 2005,  our website is crafted to enhance the cask-strength conversation of the global WhiskyCast community – and give you a mobile responsive whisky hangout available for phone, tablet, or computer. Ready for a quick tour?

If you would like to listen or watch WhiskyCast, WhiskyCast HD, or WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings, you will find them on the top navigation bar under their respective headings. You can subscribe from iTunes, RSS, or your favorite podcast service, download them from the website or play them while you visit. The entire site, including the video and audio podcasts, can be shared via your favorite social networks. Better yet, it’s all searchable…which makes it a lot easier to play that tidbit you heard last year to settle a discussion at the pub.

Speaking of the pub, WhiskyCast now has our very own — and you’ll find the same sort of things at the WhiskyCast Pub as in your local favorite pub. You’ll get the latest News Updates, find out what’s going on in the (searchable!) Calendar of Events, share your opinions in Your Voice, and be engrossed with WhiskyCast In-Depth. Plus, you’ll find Mark’s whisky photography in the Mall, along with our Amazon-powered bookstore. Our vast Resources section has links to whisky makers, retailers, bars, and much more. The newest addition to the Pub is the Cocktail Collection page with recipes for whisky-based cocktails created by some of the world’s leading mixologists.

You’ll want to check out the Tasting Notes – and with more than 1,100 different whiskies available, we’ve made them searchable so you can find your favorites!

We’d love to get your feedback on the site, and invite you to share your comments in Your Voice or on our Facebook page. If you want to post comments, enter a contest, or study at WhiskyCast University, you can become an official member of the WhiskyCast family by creating an account. With your account, you can do things like sign up for our monthly newsletter and (this summer) use additional features. Unlike your chatty relatives, we will never share your personal information with anyone.

And, as always, the content on WhiskyCast is free — it is a privilege to tell the story of whisky and participate in the global whisky discussion, and we are grateful that you trust us with that mission. WhiskyCast is guided by the same ethics as respected international news organizations. Brand partners do not have any editorial control over content. We believe in transparency, so if you have questions any time, for any reason, check out the navigation bar at the bottom of each page for our contact form. However, we do require your real name and a valid e-mail address to respond.

We hope you like the new WhiskyCast website — but we aren’t done yet. We’re putting the finishing touches on the first WhiskyCast University course now, and plan even more new features in the months to come. WhiskyCast continues to be an adventure — and we are thrilled that you are a part of the WhiskyCast community.


The WhiskyCast Team