Episode 308: March 20, 2011

More from Edinburgh on this edition, with a look at some of the key places whisky lovers seek out on a visit to Scotland’s capital.… Read More

Episode 305: February 26, 2011

Brown-Forman’s cooperage in Louisville, Kentucky has an impact on whiskies all over the world. The cooperage makes all of the barrels for Jack Daniel’s, Woodford… Read More

Episode 302: February 6, 2011

Jim Murray isn’t one to hold his tongue when he doesn’t like something, and the man behind the Whisky Bible shares some of the things… Read More

Episode 299: January 22, 2011

This is the first live webcast of WhiskyCast, on location at the Victoria Whisky Festival in British Columbia. Our tasting panel and nosers from the… Read More

Episode 298: January 16, 2011

Your boss wants you to take on a massive project…restoring a distillery that was abandoned for more than 20 years. Dave Scheurich of Brown-Forman took… Read More

Episode 274: August 15, 2010

There’s no doubting that Kentucky makes great bourbons, but a single malt? That hasn’t happened since 1919…until now. Pearse Lyons, Ph.D. is the CEO of… Read More

Episode 271: July 25, 2010

I met up with Richard Paterson of Whyte & Mackay at Boston’s Federal Wine & Spirits just as the news came from New Zealand that… Read More

Episode 238: February 7, 2010

Call it beginner’s luck if you want, but Peter Hunt’s first batch of single malt spirit received rave reviews at the recent Victoria Whisky Festival…even… Read More

Episode 227: November 22, 2009

Mackinlay’s Rare Old Scotch Whisky was one of the many brands destined to be part of the history books…until two cases of Mackinlay’s were discovered… Read More