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Happy Hour Live at the American Whiskey Convention (Episode 898: September 15, 2021)

Live broadcasting is sort of like walking a tightrope…most of the time, it works. Then, there are those times when one’s walking the tightrope while juggling chainsaws, and that’s what happened during our #HappyHourLive webcast Friday night at the American Whiskey Convention. While the live video stream was plagued with technical glitches, our audio backup made this episode possible! Thanks to all of our guests who joined us Friday night, as well as those of you who watched the live video stream.

Links: Catoctin Creek | Kentucky Artisan Distilling | Jefferson’s Bourbon | Cooper Spirits | Altered State Distillery | Widow Jane | Uncle Nearest | New Liberty Distillery | George Washington’s Distillery at Mount Vernon | Wild Turkey | Limestone Branch Distillery

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Happy Hour Live with Brent Elliott, Darryl McNally, and Christopher Coates (Episode 896: September 8, 2021)

Four Roses is releasing its 2021 Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon this month, and Master Distiller Brent Elliott joined us on the latest #HappyHourLive webcast with the details. We’re also joined by Darryl McNally. who stepped down as Master Distiller at Ireland’s Dublin Liberties Distillery recently to start his own Limavady Irish Whiskey brand and revive his family’s distilling heritage in Northern Ireland’s County Antrim. Whisky Magazine editor Christopher Coates makes his first appearance on our Friday night webcasts, too. Join us each Friday at 5:00pm New York time for our live webcasts on the WhiskyCast YouTube channel, our Facebook page, Twitter, and Twitch!

Links: Four Roses Bourbon | Limavady Irish Whiskey | Whisky Magazine

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Happy Hour Live with Steve Beal, David Blackmore, Ewan Morgan, and Owen Martin (Episode 894: September 1, 2021)

Make sure your battery’s charged for this one, since we spent nearly two hours talking the other night with longtime Scotch Whisky and Bourbon ambassdors Steve Beal, David Blackmore, and Ewan Morgan, along with Stranahan’s head distiller Owen Martin. We covered everything from Steve’s ongoing fight against pancreatic cancer to life on the road and Owen’s latest distillery exclusive bottling for Stranahan’s. Join us each Friday night for our #HappyHourLive webcast at 5pm New York time on the WhiskyCast YouTube channel, our Facebook page, Twitter, and Twitch.

Links: Stranahan’s | Glenmorangie | Ardbeg | Classic Malts | Bulleit Bourbon

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Happy Hour Live with the Bourbon Women: Peggy Noe Stevens, Heather Wibbels, and Maggie Kimberl (Episode 892: August 25, 2021)

Bourbon Women is one of the largest groups around for women who love whiskey, and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week with its annual SIPosium conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Founder and Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame member Peggy Noe Stevens joined us on the #HappyHourLive webcast last Friday night, along with chair Heather Wibbels and president Maggie Kimberl. Heather’s a cocktail expert in her own right at the Cocktail Contessa web site, while Maggie is also the content editor for American Whiskey magazine and a contributor to Whisky Magazine. Collectively, they’ve probably forgotten more about whiskey than most people know, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t face what you’ll come to know as “correctile dysfunction” after listening to this conversation.

Links: Bourbon Women

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Happy Hour Live with Brian Nation & Ryan Maybee (Episode 890: August 18, 2021)

Brian Nation is best known for his work as Master Distiller at Ireland’s Midleton Distillery, and he shocked Irish whiskey lovers when he stepped down nearly a year ago to join the startup O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co. in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Covid kept him from making the move with his family until a couple of weeks ago, so he did much of his work remotely from Ireland with occasional trips to Minnesota. Now, the distillery is complete along with Brian’s first batch of Keeper’s Heart Irish + American Whiskey, a blend of Irish Single Pot Still and grain whiskies with American Rye whiskey. He joined us from the distillery for our #HappyHourLive webcast the other night, along with J. Rieger & Co. co-founder Ryan Maybee. The Kansas City distillery is releasing its first Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey this week, and it’s the first whiskey legally distilled in Kansas City since the end of Prohibition.

Links: Keeper’s Heart Whiskey | J. Rieger & Co.

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Happy Hour Live with Scott Neil and Nick Ravenhall (Episode 888: August 11, 2021)

Earlier this month, Nick Ravenhall and his brother Alex did something most of us would never dream of trying. They led a small team of swimmers through Scotland’s treacherous Corryvreckan whirlpool as part of their Whisky and Waves campaign of open-water swims around Great Britain. The “Whisky Smugglers” are carrying small bottles of whisky during their swim that will be blended and sold later this year to raise money for Sea Shepherd’s ocean conservation efforts in New Zealand, where the Ravenhall brothers call home. Nick joined us on the #HappyHourLive webcast along with Horse Soldier Bourbon co-founder Scott Neil. He and his partner, John Koko, were part of the U.S. Army’s team of Green Berets that led the post 9/11 invasion of Afghanistan on horseback, a mission that was portrayed in the movie 12 Strong. They’ve turned to making whiskey now, with plans for a $150 milli0n dollar distillery project in Somerset, Kentucky that is in the final stages of approval, but they still have adventure in their blood as well.

Links: Sea Shepherd | Horse Soldier Bourbon

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Happy Hour Live with Dewar’s Master Blender Stephanie Macleod (Episode 880: July 14, 2021)

With many people starting to return to the office, we know you may not have as much time to watch our #HappyHourLive webcasts on Fridays. That’s why we’re trying something new: a podcast version starting with last Friday night’s conversation with Dewar’s Master Blender Stephanie Macleod. You’ll hear everything as it happened on the live show, with minimal editing to remove some audio glitches that come with producing live content on the web. If you have comments, please use the contact form on the WhiskyCast web site to let us know, since we’re trying to decide whether to offer these special episodes in addition to the regular podcast episode each week.

Links: Dewar’s

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