The WhiskyCast Tasting Panel is your place to test your nosing skills. Each month, we bring together a panel of listeners to taste and score whiskies. You generally won’t find the ultra-rare exclusive bottlings here…we focus on whiskies that you’re most likely to find at your local pub or retailer. If you’re interested in being on the tasting panel for an upcoming episode, just use our contact form to get in touch!

WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings, December 2012

With the holiday season at hand, this month’s “Friends & Family” tasting panel of Mike McElligott, Jim Ely, and Jason Herceg tasted three high-end Blended Scotch whiskies that are popular as holiday gifts: Dewar’s Signature, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, and Chivas Royal Salue 21.

Links: Dewar’s | Johnnie Walker | Chivas | Grant’s

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WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: November 2012

Our panelists for this month’s tasting gathered in the most remote location yet…the old gold mining town of Atlantic City, Wyoming…home of the Miner’s Delight Inn and its Second Saturday Single Malt Tastings. Bob and Barbara Townsend of the Miner’s Delight picked this month’s whiskies from their selection at the Two-Bit Cowboy Saloon, and joined Robert and Tiffany Hall, John Mionczynski, Jeff Judkins, and Stephen Brutger to taste the Benromach 2001 Cask Strength, Arran’s 1996 Single Sherry Cask, and the Glenmorangie 18.

Links: Miner’s Delight Inn | Benromach | Arran | Glenmorangie

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WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: October 2012

This month, our panelists assembled at Whisky Live Los Angeles to taste four different Rye whiskies. L.A. whisky blogger Rob Gard joined Andy Smith and Marty Kari of the L.A. Scotch Club to taste Temptation Rye, Hudson Manhattan Rye, Bulleit Rye, and the new George Dickel Rye. The panel made some interesting comparisons, since three of the whiskies actually came from the same distillery, but each one had something unique about it that made it different from the others.

Links: Whisky Live | Los Angeles Scotch Club | Hudson Manhattan Rye | Bulleit | George Dickel

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WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: September 2012

We return to Paris for another Virtual Tasting session at Whisky Live Paris, and this month’s tasting panel includes Malt Maniacs Serge Valentin and Patrick de Schulthess, along with French whisky blogger Franck Debernardi. They tasted four new whiskies: Nikka’s Coffey Grain Whisky, the latest edition of Compass Box’s Flaming Heart, Glenfarclas 105 20-Year-Old, and Ardbeg Galileo.

Links: Whisky Live Paris | Whisky Fun | La Cave de Cobalt | Nikka | Compass Box | Glenfarclas | Ardbeg

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WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: August 2012

Year #2 of WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings begins with three very familiar whiskies. Our tasting panel of Doug Stewart, Tim and Donna Tedesco, and Brianna Gillespie taste the Aberfeldy 12-year-old, Macallan 12, and the Glenlivet 18-year-old single malts. We also announce the winner of July’s “Secret Word” contest, and there’s a new “Secret Word” hidden somewhere in this episode.

Links: Aberfeldy | The Macallan | The Glenlivet

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WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: July 2012

We’re marking the end of the first year of WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings with four panelists from previous episodes. Sean Fousheé, Shelly Brisbin, Tim Davis, and Scott Rogers tasted three single malts: Suntory’s Yamazaki 18-year-old, the Bunnahabhain Toiteach, and a “mystery malt” to be revealed at the end of the tasting.

Links: Suntory | Bunnahabhain | Balcones

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WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: June 2012

The members of the “Barthenon” in Cherry Hill, New Jersey are on board for this month’s tasting panel. Angelo Veneziano, Mike Farley, and Chris Eattock also write the blog “It’s Just the Booze Dancing”, and they tasted four whiskies for this episode: Dry Fly 100% Wheat Whiskey from Washington State, Ireland’s Yellow Spot, Kilchoman’s Machir Bay from Islay, and the Talisker 30 2011 Rare Malts release.

Links: Dry Fly | Yellow Spot | Kilchoman | Talisker

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WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: May 2012

This month, our tasting panel gathered at the home of WhiskyCast listener Christopher Winters in the Indianapolis suburbs. It’s the first time we’ve recorded an episode at a listener’s home. Christopher, Josh Scott, and Tom Helt tasted four whiskies from around the world: Ireland’s Green Spot, the new Crown Royal XR Rare from Canada, Amrut Portonova from India, and the Ardbeg Day single malt from Scotland.

Links: Green Spot | Crown Royal | Amrut | Ardbeg

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WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: April 2012

Our tasting panel gathered at Whisky Live New York this month. Panelists Peter Silver, Neil Firetog, and Jake Pizzulo tasted the Bowmore 15, Old Pulteney 17, and Oban 18-year-old single malts from Scotland, along with the Four Roses 2012 Limited Edition Single Barrel Bourbon from Kentucky.

Links: Whisky Live | Bowmore | Oban | Old Pulteney | Four Roses

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WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings: March 2012

This time around, we’re on location at the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland, and our panel is made up of radio pros taking part in the annual Jameson Global Broadcast on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Paul Driscoll of WFNX in Boston, Randy Malloy of CD 102.5 in Columbus, Ohio, and Colonel St. James of 93.7 The Arrow in Houston tasted four different Jameson expressions: Jameson, Jameson Select Reserve 12, Jameson Gold Reserve, and Jameson Limited Edition 18.

Links:  Jameson | WFNX | CD102.5 | 93.7 The Arrow

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