DISCUS Chief Economist David Ozgo presents 2012 U.S. spirits sales data at a news briefing February 6, 2013.

DISCUS Chief Economist David Ozgo presents 2012 U.S. spirits sales data at a February 6 news briefing in New York City.

Spirits sales in the United States rose by 3% in volume during 2012, according to data released by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States today.  Revenue grew by 4.5%, largely on increased sales of whiskies and higher-end spirits in other categories.

The data is based on wholesale shipments from producers and importers to distributors, along with export sales. Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskies remained the largest-selling whisky category, with volume up 5.2% to 16.9 million 9-liter cases and revenue up by 7.3% to $2.2 billion. DISCUS reports 46 new Bourbons were introduced during 2012, with 3 flavored whiskeys joining the market.

Single Malt Scotch Whiskies continued to show rapid growth, with a 13% increase in volume and 16.4% increase in revenue. The trend toward premium whiskies was also reflected in Blended Scotch sales, which fell 0.4% in volume but gained 3.9% in revenue to $1.3 billion in sales. Irish Whiskey remained the fastest-growing category overall, with volume up 22.5% and revenue up by 23.7%.

American Whiskies accounted for 68% of the record $1.5 billion in U.S. spirits exports during the year. with exports growing by 10.4% over 2011. Canada led the list of export destinations again in 2012, followed by Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, The Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, and Italy.

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