Tuthilltown Distillery in Gardiner, New York is back to full production after a fire last September caused extensive damage to the stillroom.

“We moved all of our stills downstairs and refurbished them on-site ourselves, so we took apart every single piece of the stills we could, cleaned it, scrubbed it, put them back together, and built out a fully-ventilated room that circulates six times an hour, built a 5-hour fire wall, and as far as I know, probably about the safest craft distillery in the country”, Gable Erenzo of Tuthilltown said in an interview this weekend.

No one was hurt in the September 24th fire, which was blamed on leaking vapors that ignited and caused a small explosion.

Casks holding about 100 gallons of spirit were inside the stillroom at the time, but the casks survived the fire. “The labels were burned off, so we don’t know it was, but we’re going to vat them together and do a special release for the first anniversary of our fire in September”,  Erenzo said.

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