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The Whisky Shop Gets Rare Glenlivet Quercus Single Cask

The Glenlivet Quercus single cask bottling. Photo courtesy The Glenlivet and The Whisky Shop. April 26, 2013 – Single cask distillery bottlings of The Glenlivet are fairly rare, and The Whisky Shop’s 21 UK stores will have one starting on May 7. The Glenlivet Quercus is a 17-year-old malt matured in American white oak and bottled at 52.1% ABV.

Of course, Quercus is Latin for oak, with Quercus Alba being the specific name for American White Oak. However, that name is already in use for a single malt from The Glenrothes. 250 bottles are available exclusively through The Whisky Shop at a price of £199.99 ($309 USD).

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