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The Richard Paterson Interview: Part 1

Whyte & Mackay Master Blender Richard Paterson is known as “The Nose”, and travels the world on behalf of The Dalmore, Jura, and Whyte & Mackay’s other Scotch whiskies.

In Part 1 of this interview conducted at the Victoria Whisky Festival on January 17, 2014, he discusses his recent partnership with noted chef Daniel Boulud and the current uncertainty facing Whyte & Mackay following Diageo’s acquisition of a controlling stake in its parent company, India’s United Spirits. As we spoke, the UK’s Office of Fair Trading is considering a Diageo proposal to split up Whyte & Mackay to satisfy the OFT’s concerns over competition in the blended Scotch whisky market. Diageo proposes to keep the Dalmore and Tamnavulin distilleries in Scotland while selling the rest of the company.

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