September 26, 2013 – The Glenlivet is jumping on the “crowd-sourcing” bandwagon with plans for a new single malt to be created with help from members of its Guardians affinity group, made up of whisky lovers worldwide.

Members of the Guardians will be asked to pick from three different expressions created by Master Distiller Alan Winchester, and named for their flavors: Classic, Exotic, and Revival. The expressions will be available for Guardians members to taste at upcoming whisky festivals and tastings in the UK, USA, Australia, India, Japan, and South Africa, along with other countries. Guardians members will be able to cast their votes at a special section of The Glenlivet Guardians web site until December, when the votes will be counted and a winner named.

The winner will be bottled as “The Guardians’ Chapter,” with 2,000 cases to be bottled and sold starting in February of 2014.

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