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The Chicago Club’s Whiskies

Received this email from Andrew Cravatta hoping to find some information on these whiskies. If you have any details you can share, please feel free to post a comment…

I’ve come across some blended scotch from the 50’s/60’s and was wondering if you could help me get any information on it. In particular, who made this whisky and, if possible, what single malts were blended in with this batch. Its a private bottling for the Chicago Club and appears to have been bottled by J.G. Thomson and Co. (except for the one square bottle, which says “Samuel Dow Ltd.”) I have 12 of the standard shaped bottle and just one of the square.
Any ideas? I’m not very familiar with blended scotch (primarily single malts and bourbon). I’ve attached some pictures. Not sure if you’ll be able to help, but I figured you’d be the person to ask.

Once again, if you have any information that could help Andrew out, please feel free to add a comment.