Country: Scotland
Type: Blended Scotch
Bottler: Riviera Imports/Old St. Andrew's Distillery
ABV: 40%
Score: 80 points

Ron Burgundy Great Odin's Raven Blended Scotch. Image courtesy Riviera Imports. Anchorman 2 has come and gone, but Ron Burgundy’s namesake whisky lives on. There’s no age statement, but it’s probably more mature than most of the jokes in the movie.

The nose is nicely complex, warm and spicy with notes of allspice, white pepper, honey, and baked apples. It’s like a movie trailer that has all of the good stuff in it. The taste is tart and spicy with lemon zest and a hint of grapefruit, cinnamon, black pepper, honey, and oak. The finish is hot and spicy with a long black pepper note and a touch of citrus tartness. However, it is better than the movie. (June, 2014)