Country: USA
Type: American Whiskey
Bottler: Diageo
ABV: 57.5%
Score: 88 points

Orphan Barrel Gifted Horse. Image courtesy Diageo. This is a blend of three different whiskies: 17-year-old Bourbon distilled at Bernheim and 4-year-old Bourbon and corn whiskies distilled at MGP in Indiana. For that reason, Gifted Horse carries no age statement and is labeled as an “American Whiskey.”

The nose has notes of honey, burned popcorn, oak, vanilla, and a hint of coffee beans. The taste has a good balance of ginger, lemon pepper, honey, brown sugar, and caramel cola. The finish is medium-length and mouthwatering with touches of citrus and a hint of spice. (March, 2016)