Country: USA
Type: Bourbon
Bottler: Old Elk Distilleries, LLC
ABV: 44%
Score: 91 points

Old Elk Bourbon. Image courtesy Old Elk Distillery LLC.This whiskey comes from MGP, where Greg Metze was the master distiller for many years before joining Old Elk following his retirement in 2016. Greg developed a unique mashbill for Old Elk while at MGP that flips the rye and malted barley around, using 51% corn, 35% malted barley, and 14% rye to make the bulk of this whiskey (and will eventually be used for all of it). The result is a Bourbon with a sweet nose and notes of caramel candy, brown sugar, honey, muted spices, and a nice malty touch rarely found in Bourbons. The taste is smooth with notes of honey, brown sugar, anise, touches of black pepper and cilantro, vanilla, and a green apple tartness that comes in late and lasts through the finish with touches of caramel, honey, and brown sugar. Nice! (December, 2017)