Country: USA
Region: Tennessee
Type: Tennessee Whiskey
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 45%
Score: 90 points

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select. Image courtesy Jack Daniel's.This version of Jack Daniel’s uses whiskey matured in barrels with specially cut grooves in the staves that allow more wood to come in contact with the whiskey, and the whiskey from those barrels is then blended with traditionally matured Jack Daniel’s before bottling. The result is a whiskey with more oak and charcoal notes on the nose, along with caramel, dark chocolate, honey, and touches of allspice and clove.

The taste has cinnamon along with allspice and clove spices, but without overpowering the honey, vanilla, and cocoa notes underneath. The finish is long and rich with slowly fading spices and a hint of baking chocolate bitterness. Overall, a very well-balanced whiskey. (December, 2013)