Country: USA
Region: Texas
Type: Corn Whiskey
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 70.3%
Score: 89 points

Ironroot Republic Hubris "Hazmat" Single Barrel Whiskey. Image courtesy Ironroot Republic.This corn whiskey carries a “hazmat” label because it’s bottled at more than 70% ABV and should be treated with care and respect. It’s distilled from 95% yellow dent corn and 5% heirloom purple corn, and despite the high-octane strength, the nose has no alcohol burn – just touches of red apples, peaches, brown sugar, and a hint of molasses cookies. The taste is intense – black pepper and chili powder spices explode on the palate. then slowly fade to reveal touches of tree fruits, brown sugar, and honey. The finish is medium-length and crisp with fading spices and a hint of fruity tartness. (December, 2020)