Country: Japan
Type: Single Malt
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 55.5%
Score: 94 points

Ichiro's Malt: Chichibu On The Way 2015 Edition. Image courtesy Dekantā.This is the second release in Ichiro Akuto’s “On the Way” series from Chichibu Distillery in Japan, and blends a first-fill and a refill ex-Bourbon barrels with one Mizunara cask. The nose is malty with a nutty character, touches of nutmeg and other baking spices, apple pie, and a hint of oak in the background. The taste is dry, astringent, and spicy with cinnamon, black pepper, mesquite, and nutmeg, while a touch of apple cobbler comes out as the spices fade. The finish is long and astringent with a touch of sandalwood, apple chips, and lingering spices in the background. Adding water opens up some floral notes on the nose, along with hints of mango, papaya, and freshly-cut grass, while the palate turns syrupy-sweet at first while delaying the onset of the spices. Complex and excellent! (February, 2020)