Country: USA
Region: South Carolina
Type: Bourbon
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 46%
Score: 94 points

High Wire Jimmy Red Straight Bourbon 2019 Release. Photo ©2020, Mark Gillespie/CaskStrength Media.One of the most unusual Bourbons you’ll find, and not just because it’s the only one that comes in a Le Creuset ceramic decanter (along with regular glass bottles), but because it’s made with Jimmy Red corn. Jimmy Red is a strain of corn unique to the South Carolina coastal islands that was prized by moonshiners because of its high sugar content. High Wire Distilling in Charleston is the only distillery with access to the Jimmy Red seed stock, which it entrusts to a select group of farmers each year.

This single barrel release is the color of polished copper, with an aromatic, spicy nose that has hints of white pepper, oak tannins, sawdust, molasses, and a touch of honey in the background. The taste is intense, yet well-rounded with white pepper and chili powder spices balanced by honey, molasses, vanilla, and oak in the background. The finish is very long with spices that fade gently to reveal molasses and a surprising touch of red apples. Complex, unique, and worth searching out! (June, 2020)