Country: Sweden
Type: Single Malt
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 56%
Score: 92 points

High Coast Small Batch #13. Image courtesy High Coast Distillery.This Swedish single malt was bottled exclusively for sale on the Viking Line’s 2020 Cinderella Whisky Cruise, with just 324 bottles available. It was distilled from unpeated barley in 2012 and bottled in January of 2020 after maturation in an American Oak cask.

The nose is aromatic with toasted oak, butterscotch, honey, anise, and soft spices. The taste is sharp and spicy with black pepper and cinnamon notes that fade slowly to reveal hints of fresh berries, honey, and vanilla in the background. A few drops of water makes the palate creamier, muting the spices and accentuating the vanilla. The finish is long, sharp (without the water), and slightly tart, but adding water smoothes out the finish as well. (February, 2020)