Country: USA
Region: Tennessee
Type: Tennessee Whiskey
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 35%
Score: 75 points

George Dickel Tabasco™ Barrel Finish. Image courtesy Diageo.Admittedly, this whiskey was intended for use in cocktails and shots, and blends regular George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey with Dickel that’s been finished in Tabasaco™ sauce barrels. That minimizes some of the heat and spice, especially on the nose with its soft pepperiness and notes of honey, vanilla, and a hint of oak. The taste starts off with a touch of flat caramel cola, and then the chili pepper sauce spices kick in and overwhelm everything else. As one might expect, the finish is long and spicy.

It wasn’t as intense as I’d expected, but the thing I look for in a flavored whiskey like this is whether the whiskey stands out from the flavors. In this case, the spices overwhelm all of the whiskey, especially since it’s bottled at only 35% ABV. However, I’m not sure I’d want to try it at a higher proof. (May, 2018)