Country: USA
Region: Kentucky
Type: Bourbon
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 54.5%
Score: 94 points

Four Roses 2022 Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon. Image courtesy Four Roses. This year’s edition is made up from four of the 10 different Four Roses mashbills (OESF, OESV, OESK, and OBSV) aged for between 14 and 20 years. The nose is complex with a nice balance of oak, spices, and sweetness, with touches of chocolate, cherries, apricots, brown sugar, and a hint of nuttiness. The tase is syrupy-thick with notes of caramel apples, apricots, black cherries, hints of clove and cinnamon, honey, vanilla, and chocolate. The finish is long and complex with a hint of oak. (August, 2022)