Tasting Notes

Producing WhiskyCast has given me the opportunity to taste some really amazing whiskies, and I’m pleased to share my tasting notes with you here. You can search my entire database of tasting notes from this page, and I hope you’ll find it useful.


Country: Scotland

Region: Islay

Type: Single Malt

Bottler: www.stupidcask.de

ABV: 50.2%

Score: 40 Points

Fishky Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Photo ©2014 by Mark Gillespie.While some people like this whisky, I found it to be by far the worst whisky I’ve ever tasted. It started out as a Bruichladdich single cask finished in an ex-Sherry cask that was sold to a buyer in Germany, who then put it into a herring cask – allegedly as a tribute to the story that early Scottish distillers occasionally used herring casks to mature their whisky. It was finally bottled in 2007 and sold as “Fishky.”

The nose hides the secrets of this whisky well, with notes of malt, brine, and heather. The taste reveals all, though, with sour butyric baby vomit, brine, and stomach acid. The finish is salty, greasy, and nasty with no redeeming qualities. (October, 2014)