Country: Canada
Type: Canadian
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 51.5%
Score: 91 points

Crown Royal Single Barrel. Image courtesy Diageo. The first-ever single barrel Crown Royal takes just one of the dozens of styles of whisky usually blended for Crown Royal expressions…a high-rye (31.5%) whisky distilled in the Coffey-style continuous still at the distillery in Gimli, Manitoba. Unfortunately for most whisky lovers, this limited edition will only be available for now in Texas…one of the largest markets for Canadian whisky.

The nose has smooth, subtle spices with ginger, clove, and nice nutty pecan and praline notes, along with caramel candy, brown sugar, and honey. The taste starts off with honey and black tea, followed by cinnamon and clove spices that build to a crescendo, then fade slowly to reveal hints of cocoa, brown sugar, and molasses. The finish is long with gently fading spices. Excellent! (January, 2015)