Country: USA
Type: Blended Whiskey
Bottler: Barrell Craft Spirits
ABV: 62.17%
Score: 94 points

Barrell Dovetail. Image courtesy Barrell Craft Spirits.Barrell’s Dovetail is unique in that instead of specific “batches,” it’s blended using the same ingredients and process with variances in bottling strength. These notes are for the Dovetail released in mid-2020, but the only way to identify it on a bottle is by looking at the bottling strength.

The nose is fruity and well-balanced with hints of peaches, apples, red grapes, honey, oak, and a touch of vanilla. The taste has a good balance of spices and fruit with black pepper, cinnamon apples, peach nectar, and hints of honey and vanilla. The finish fades away smoothly with a good balance of spices and fruity notes. (July, 2020)