Country: USA
Region: Colorado
Type: Corn Whiskey
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 50%
Score: 86 points

A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Corn Whiskey. Image courtesy Laws Whiskey House. Most people associated “Bottled in Bond” with Bourbons or Ryes, but U.S. law allows almost any distilled spirit to be produced as “Bottled in Bond” if it meets all of the legal requirements. Laws Whiskey House in Denver did just that with this corn whiskey, and the nose is light, sweet, and grainy with buttered popcorn, vanilla, and a hint of oak. The taste is light and grainy at first, followed by a bite of black pepper and chili powder that fades slowly to reveal notes of vanilla, corn on the cob, and a hint of oak on the finish. Not complex at all, but very easy to drink and good for use in a cocktail. (March, 2020)