August 2, 2013 – Like many towns along the Scottish coast, Oban has a team of dedicated lifeboat rescue volunteers ready to save the lives of those caught in boating or swimming accidents. Nearly 20 years ago, the Oban Distillery donated a 250-litre hogshead of whisky to the RNLI lifeboat team for use in a future fundraiser once the spirit reached 18 years. Now that the whisky has come of age, For reports 240 bottles of the Oban Lifeboat have raised nearly £40,000 GBP ($61,100 USD) through sales at The Green Welly Stop in Tyndrum, Oban’s Birchwood Filling Station and Mulberry Bank Auctions in Glasgow.

The Oban Lifeboat Fundraising Committee held a few bottles back, and is now holding a raffle for one valued at £195, with tickets on sale for £1 each. The For story has contact information for the committee to order tickets by phone.