It’s been a year since we took WhiskyCast to New Zealand for the first time to do the show from Whisky Galore’s DramFest in Christchurch just before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down worldwide travel. Since then, more distilleries have come on line in New Zealand, with 19 distilleries now making whisky. Now, the distillers have come together to create a set of standards defining New Zealand whisky – with an eye to both protecting the whisky and the country’s indigenous culture. Tash McGill of Distilled Spirits Aotearoa (New Zealand’s original name) joins us this week on WhiskyCast In-Depth to share that story. In the news, there’s a cease-fire in the trade war between the U.S. and Europe, though American whiskey makers are still taking fire from tariffs on their exports. We’ll have that story and much more, including the unique method of an award-winning master blender and March’s Whisky Club of the Month.

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