November 30, 2013 – $4,000 for a Kentucky whiskey — that’s not even a Bourbon? Michter’s will release on Monday what may well be one of the most expensive Kentucky whiskies ever produced, the Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash. Just 293 bottles of the blended whiskey will be released, with prices already being quoted at nearly $4,000 per bottle.

The entire lot has already been sold out, according to the Associated Press, with high-end liquor stores and bars in major U.S. cities putting in orders for Celebration Sour Mash. Michter’s master distiller Willie Pratt blended the whiskey from barrels in the Michter’s inventory, with some barrels in the 30-year-old range. Michter’s sourced all of the barrels from other distilleries over the years, while building its own distillery in the Louisville suburb of Shively.

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