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Maker’s Mark Producing Special Bottles For New England Fans

A Maker's Mark ad featured on Twitter February 1, 2015. Image courtesy Maker's Mark.February 5, 2015 – Maker’s Mark will continue its annual tradition of producing special bottles for fans of the winning Super Bowl team following New England’s 28-24 win over Seattle Sunday night in Super Bowl XLIX. 6,000 bottles featuring a red and blue wax dip will be available in the next several weeks, according to Maker’s Mark global brand manager Gigi DaDan. In an email, she confirmed that the bottles will be available at retailers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, along with the New Hampshire state-owned liquor outlets.

The bottles are expected to be similar to those shown in a Twitter post (pictured at right) before Sunday’s game with the copy “It all comes down to this…” As with all Maker’s Mark bottles, the commemorative bottles are being produced at the Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky.

While the annual release is highly sought after by fans of each year’s winning team, the most collectible release in the series is likely to be the 2013 bottle featuring black and purple wax honoring the Baltimore Ravens’ victory that year. Those bottles were filled during the brief period when the distillery lowered the bottling proof of Maker’s Mark from 45% ABV to 42% before reversing the decision following consumer protests.

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