August 26, 2014 – Monday is the Labor Day holiday in the US, and for the most extreme fans of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, there will be another reason to celebrate. As WhiskyCast reported in June, the distillery has been testing a cask-strength version this summer with bartenders and distillery visitors, and the new version will go on sale Monday exclusively at the Loretto, Kentucky distillery.

Maker’s Mark president Rob Samuels announced the sale date in an email to members of the distillery’s Ambassadors group today. The whisky will vary in strength between 54% and 57% ABV, but pricing was not announced. In a June 16 interview, Samuels told WhiskyCast there are no plans to expand availability beyond the distillery’s gift shop. “I envision that even if there’s a huge surge in demand, which there very well could be, that it would always be very, very limited,” he said.

Maker’s Mark is in the middle of a $70 million expansion project that will increase the distillery’s capacity by 50%, along with infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the thousands of visitors to the distillery each year.

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