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Highland Park Completes Travel Retail Range Expansion

Highland Park Ragnvald Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Image courtesy Highland Park.September 19, 2013 – Highland Park’s Warrior series of travel retail single malts will soon be complete with the release of the final three malts in the series. Sigurd, Ragnvald, and Thorfinn will join Svein, Einar, and Harald on the shelves at duty-free shops soon.

The three feature a growing influence of sherry cask-matured Highland Park single malt with each expression. Sigurd is bottled at 43% ABV, Ragnvald at 44.6% ABV, and Thorfinn at 45.1% ABV. The names come from ancient Viking warriors, who invaded the Orkney Islands centuries ago, and the Nordic influence has become a key part of Highland Park’s identity, as shown in a WhiskyCast HD episode from Orkney earlier this year.

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