Highland Park Freya. Image courtesy Highland Park. January 31, 2014 – Thor was the warrior, Loki the trickster. Now, Highland Park is expanding its Valhalla Collection of single malts with Freya, named after the Norse goddess of love.  The 15-year-old single malt from Orkney will be released on February 7, with a recommended retail price of £150 ($247 USD).

Freya is the third of four whiskies to be released in the Valhalla Collection, and is bottled at 51.2% ABV. Highland Park global controller Gerry Tosh described the whisky in a news release as capturing Freya’s personality as told in Nordic legends.

“Freya is the only female to feature in The Valhalla Collection and being a serene, spiritual and giving goddess, she brings a fresh allure and depth to the lineup.  Her beauty and majesty are said to make her utterly captivating and I think people might feel the same about this smooth and classy single malt.  It is unmistakably Highland Park, but offers a rich, full burst of flavour that reflects this Warrior God’s mesmeric aura and feisty dominant side.”

Tasting notes for Highland Park Freya will be available soon at WhiskyCast.com.

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