Colby and Ashley Frey own and operate Frey Ranch Farmers + Distillers, a true “grain to glass” farm distillery in Fallon, Nevada. Not only do they grow all of their own grain, but the only thing the Frey family didn’t build themselves was the still – a unique combination of column and pot stills custom-built by Vendome. The Freys did have to assemble the still, though…and that’s one of the stories they shared on our Happy Hour Live webcast the other night. We’re also joined by Aberfeldy’s Gareth Howells and actor Beth Behrs, known for her roles on “The Neighborhood” and “Two Broke Girls.” They’ll tell us about Aberfeldy’s #BarrelsAndBees program to protect and expand critically endangered honeybee habitat, along with Beth’s own experiences in both whisky and beekeeping.

Editor’s note: WhiskyCast’s Mark Gillespie visited Frey Ranch in Nevada before this webcast as part of a tour for drinks writers organized by the distillery. As with all of our content, though, full editorial content of this episode remains with WhiskyCast. 

Links: Frey Ranch | Aberfeldy | Barrels & Bees with Beth Behrs