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Glenfiddich Releases “Spirit of a Nation” Malt To Support Wounded Warriors

November 14, 2013 – Four wounded British soldiers leave this weekend for Antarctica, where they will compete against teams from the US, Australia, and Canada in a 335-kilometer (208 miles) race to the South Pole to raise money for Walking With The Wounded. The charity supports wounded warriors with their recovery and career development post-active duty.

Glenfiddich is releasing a special £1,000 ($1,611 USD) bottling of a 29-year-old single malt to support the South Pole Allied Challenge, with only 250 bottles to be sold worldwide. 200 will be available in the UK, and all of the proceeds from the “Spirit of a Nation” bottling will be donated to Walking With The Wounded. The UK’s team will be carrying two bottles with them on their expedition, with one to be opened when they reach the South Pole. The second bottle will be signed by the team members and auctioned for Walking With The Wounded upon their return from Antarctica.  The race is scheduled to begin around December 1, and the teams are expected to take about 16 days to reach the South Pole.

The members of the three teams:

Team Glenfiddich (representing the UK): Duncan Slater, Ibrar Ali, Kate Philp, and Guy Disney. The team’s guides and mentors are Conrad Dickinson, Richard Eyre, and Prince Harry.

Team Noom Coach (representing the US): Therese Frentz, Mark Wise, Margaux Mange, and Ivan Castro. Their guides and mentors are Inge Solheim, Ed Parker, and Alexander Skarsgard.

Team Soldier On (representing Australia and Canada): Heath Jamieson, Seamus Donaghue, Alexandre Beaudin Danjou, and Chris Downey. Their guides and mentors are Eric Phillips, Simon Daglish, and Dominic West.

Please join the WhiskyCast community in wishing all three teams well on what will be a truly challenging expedition.

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