March 26, 2015 – Four Roses Distillery is planning an $8.4 million dollar expansion at its warehouse  site in Coxs Creek around a new bottling facility. The Bullitt County facility is located between Clermont and Bardstown, and opened a new visitors center last year. The project is expected to be completed three years from now and will include both a high-speed bottling line and a separate bottling line for small-scale bottling runs such as the Four Roses Single Barrel expressions.

The Kirin Brewing-owned distillery has been approved for $800,000 in tax rebates and incentives by the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority. The incentives will be applied to the purchase of building materials and other equipment for the facility, which is expected to create an additional 30 jobs at Coxs Creek. The project will also be eligible for state income tax credits against the ad valorem taxes Four Roses pays annually on each barrel of maturing Bourbon in its warehouses.

Links: Four Roses | Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority