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WhiskyCast is where it all begins. Now in our 18th year, each weekly podcast brings you the latest in whisky news, along with the latest events, tasting notes, comments from other listeners, and the weekly “In-Depth” segment features interviews with the people who help make whisky the “water of life”.


Episode 598: July 17, 2016

Whisky glasses lined up for a tasting. Photo ©2016, Mark Gillespie/CaskStrength Media.There are lots of whiskies to choose from, and there’s a story behind each one. This time around, we’ll talk with the entrepreneurs behind two vastly different whiskies: Florian Passera’s Vicomte French single malt and Frank Maestri’s Throttle to Bottle – an all-American Canadian whisky. We’ll also taste three whiskies from entrepreneurial craft distillers for this week’s tasting notes. In this week’s news…the UK’s new government won’t seek an immediate hike in post-Brexit whisky taxes, while attendees at the US political conventions are vying for spots on the guest lists at the Distilled Spirits Council’s parties in Cleveland and Philadelphia over the next two weeks.

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