The label for Amrut's peated Indian single malt whisky. Photo ©2013 by Mark Gillespie.The push by distillers for US Government recognition of an “American Single Malt Whisky” definition would also have an impact on single malt whiskies from so-called “non-traditional” whisky-producing countries around the world. India’s Amrut fought for more than a year to get approval to sell its single malts matured in used oak barrels in the US – before giving in and producing special whiskies matured in new oak just for the US market. Raj Sabharwal of PVI Global is Amrut’s US importer and fought those battles not only for Amrut, but on behalf of clients in England and Australia, and explains the impact a “single malt” definition could have for American whisky lovers. In the news, the results of this year’s International Spirits Challenge are in, South African distiller Andy Watts gets a promotion, and The Balvenie’s David Stewart gets his date with the Queen!

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