Finland has a love-hate relationship with whisky. Finns love it, and the Finnish government hates it. Distilled spirits advertising is banned, and regulators went so far as to force the organizers of a Helsinki beer and whisky festival this coming weekend to drop “whisky” from the event’s name or risk losing their permits. It’s still legal to make whisky in Finland, though…and we’ll find out more about Teerenpeli Distillery & Brewery and the Kyrö Distilling Company on this week’s WhiskyCast In-Depth. In the news, Chivas Brothers gives its new Speyside distillery a name, both sides in the Balcones Distilling dispute head back to court this week, and we’ll find out about some wearable whisky fashion, along with tasting notes for one Bourbon, one Scotch…and one Joker.

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