Breaker Bourbon. Image courtesy Ascendant Spirits.Steve Gertman of California’s Ascendant Spirits produces Breaker Bourbon, and his brand is one of those targeted by a Chicago-based law firm that specializes in class-action lawsuits, and is “investigating” claims by small-batch whisky brands about the source of their whiskies. Like many small producers, Gertman has been sourcing whiskey from other distillers while the Bourbon he’s making is aging, and he responds to the claims on this week’s WhiskyCast In-Depth along with criticism he’s received since appearing on WhiskyCast last January. In the news, Templeton Rye is also a target of the law firm’s probe, and has announced that it will change its label to reflect that the whiskey is distilled in Indiana and not Iowa. We’ll also have reaction from other targets of the probe as well, along with the reaction of Charbay’s Marko Karakasevic to last weekend’s Napa Valley earthquake and much more!

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