London and Seattle have a few things in common: reputations for foggy, rainy weather…a vibrant cultural scene…and now, craft distilleries. Seattle’s had them for several years, and the guys at Westland Distillery are actually on their second one, having moved from their original distillery to a brand-new one just south of downtown Seattle. London had whisky distilleries until 1905, but Darren Rook’s London Distillery Company has just started making its first experimental batches of whisky in Battersea using one of the UK’s smallest distilleries. We’ll find out more on both distillers in this week’s WhiskyCast In-Depth…in the news, the UK is implementing a new plan to certify the authenticity of Scotch Whisky, there’s talk that the UK may cut whisky taxes ahead of the Scottish independence referendum, and Louisville’s about to announce a major Bourbon event for this May.

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