April 13, 2013 – One of the longest-running partnerships in the whisky business appears to be coming to an end, as the Laing Brothers are splitting up. Fred and Stewart Laing took over the family’s independent bottling business started by their father in 1948, and have run the Glasgow-based Douglas Laing & Co. for more than 25 years. Following reports that the two brothers have parted ways, Fred Laing posted this note on Facebook to clear up any rumors:

“Noticed a couple exchanges recently re. the ‘end’ of Douglas Laing. I’m pleased to confirm that Douglas Laing is performing well & will continue to do so… I’m in fact growing our already strong team & there’s real enthusiasm as we continue to select & bottle some exceptional Single Casks. The only change to speak of is my brother Stewart leaves Douglas Laing to set up his own company shortly & I wish him well while I look forward to Douglas Laing continuing to offer rare & special whiskies… Plus some new & exciting additions released through 2013. Cheers, Fred.”

Fred’s note refers to “growing his already strong team”, and that will include his daughter Cara joining the company in May. Cara Laing left Morrison Bowmore last month, where she had been serving as Marketing Manager for Bowmore since 2010. Cara’s position with Douglas Laing has not been officially announced, nor has Stewart Laing announced the details of his new company yet.

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