November 12, 2013 – Buffalo Trace Distillery’s latest batch of Single Oak Project Bourbons tests a complex set of variables with just 12 different bottles. The 11th batch in the series looks at three of the seven different variables tested in the Single Oak Project, focusing on warehouse type, recipe, and the size of the grain in the casks. For this release, charring level, stave seasoning, barrel entry proof, and the tree cut were all consistent — along with the maturation time.

The 12 whiskies in Batch #11 came from two different warehouses — a well-ventilated brick warehouse with wooden floors and a brick warehouse with concrete floors and limited air flow. They used three different sizes of wood grain in the staves — coarse, medium, and fine. Finally, the barrels were a mix of rye-based and wheat-based Bourbon mashbills.

So far, 132 different Bourbons have been released in the Single Oak Project since the initial batch in the spring of 2011. 60 more bottles will be released during 2014 and 2015, when the feedback from consumers will be used to select the most popular bottling from the entire series. At that point, Buffalo Trace will start producing the winning recipe under the Single Oak Project brand.

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