May 11, 2015 – Perpetuum, this year’s Ardbeg limited-edition release, went on sale for Ardbeg Committee members last Monday (May 4) through the distillery’s online web site – for those fortunate enough to get through before the site crashed.

Twitter question from Chris Ratliff on Ardbeg's web site problems. Image courtesy Twitter.

“It was basically a matter of demand and supply, in the sense that demand was so big on the web site that the web site stopped functioning properly,” according to Glenmorangie Company spokesman Hamish Torrie. In a telephone interview, Torrie apologized for the inconvenience to Ardbeg Committee members and said the company is investigating why the site was not able to handle the expected demand.

Perpetuum marks the distillery’s 200th anniversary this year, and will be available worldwide on May 30 as a part of Ardbeg Day celebrations during the Islay Festival of Malt & Music. Details on the celebration have not been formally announced, but hints have been given that it will look at the future of Ardbeg 200 years from now.

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