anCnoc Cutter. Image courtesy anCnoc/Inver House.September 2, 2014 – anCnoc is building on the Peaty Collection range introduced earlier this year with the introduction of Cutter, the Knockdhu Distillery’s most heavily-peated expression on record. The Inver House-owned brand released three peated malts earlier this year in various markets, with phenol levels for Rutter, Flaughter, and Tushkar ranging from 11 to 15 parts per million. Cutter is peated at 20.5 parts per million, and the company noted in a news release that the measurement comes from the final whisky as opposed to phenol measurements of new make or malted barley.

Cutter will be available in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and other key global markets with a recommend retail price of £52 ($85 USD) starting this month, with availability in the US to be confirmed at a later date.

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