Edinburgh’s newest malt whisky distillery opened with a bang – or perhaps, a cough. That’s because the Bonnington Distillery had barely filled its first few casks with new make spirit before the Covid-19 pandemic forced Halewood Wines & Spirits to close the place down for a deep cleaning to comply with public health restrictions. Bonnington is the home for Halewood’s revival of the venerable John Crabbie & Co. Scotch Whisky brand, and we’ll talk with Marc Watson on WhiskyCast In-Depth. He oversees distilling and maturation at Bonnington, and started his career making gin before a certain podcast episode prompted him to focus on whisky several years ago – he’ll explain that story, too.

In the news, South Africa is reviving its nationwide ban on alcohol sales as Covid-19 caseloads start to rise, and one of India’s largest whisky distilleries could be affected by a lockdown that takes effect Tuesday while more U.S. states are closing bars again. We’ll hear how one Kentucky distillery is trying to keep a Bourbon legend safe while still allowing visitors, and catch up with the results of a special raffle to support an Irish children’s charity.

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