Highland Park Completes Valhalla Series with Odin

February 16, 2015 – After four years of annual releases, Highland Park has completed its Valhalla Collection of limited-edition single malts...

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Highland Park: Scotch Whisky, Orcadian Heritage


Highland Park is Scotland’s northernmost distillery, and has a character that’s uniquely Orcadian. Orkney was home to ancient Neolithic tribes...

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Highland Park Introduces Loki at New York Launch Party

March 13, 2013 – Highland Park’s latest expression in the Valhalla Collection was unveiled Tuesday (March 12) during a global...

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Highland Park Launches Warrior Series

First, Highland Park launched a series of single malts honoring Orkney legends like Earl Haakon. Then came the Valhalla Collection,...

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Episode 15: January 22, 2006

We’ll span the world in this episode, and hear the story of a Kentucky lawyer who took his great-great-grandfather’s whiskey...

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